It's time to change your life, and your finances...

Please read through the information on this page. This is not going to be your standard sales page hype and babble. What follows here is meant to inform you before you make your decision to purchase or not to purchase our Field Inspector Start Up Guide. (a downloadable ebook) There are some very important things you MUST know ahead.

We have some incredible things to share about the field services industry. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there was a way for you to gain control of your finances, your time and your life, then we think you should take a few minutes to read more about what our guide has to offer.

You'll have time and money for the most important things in life. Anyone can succeed. All you need is a guide, car, computer, clipboard, camera and email account to get started.


Why Should I Consider Field Surveys?

  • Most inspections are less than 10 minute "drive-by property surveys".
  • Most jobs are very simple visual inspections.
  • No special equipment is needed.
  • No expensive office needed. Most work will be out of your car.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that your income and job are secure.
  • Major corporations are in growing need of your services.
  • You're paid directly after each survey is completed.
  • This business is hassle-free: No selling. No inventory. No employees.
  • Provider companies offer assignments, you choose which ones to take.
  • You can be working in just a few days. With our guide it's easy and affordable.

This is a Rare Opportunity!

You can work this full or part time. Select only the jobs that appeal to you most and in the areas you decide to work in. Income is excellent. Earnings of over $5,000.00 per month are achievable.

How it Works

Insurance, finance and mortgage companies will email assignments to you based on the areas you desire to work in. You can either accept or decline each one. There is usually a two week turn-around time for each job. Once you have completed each assignment just send the completed material and your invoice. (so you can get paid)

Why Use Our Guide?

There are a few other ebooks out there that will point you in the right direction, but they are usually lacking in our opinion. Most of them just give you the general run down on how it works and a list of companies to apply to. This is NOT enough!

Since you will be new to the industry you will need to know the best, most effective contact method. You'll need to provide a resume that says the right things to gain their confidence in you. You'll also need to know what to say to your clients during phone interviews.

Our step-by-step guide will walk you through every aspect of becoming a field inspector. You'll get a list of 200+ companies who need your services now. You will be well prepared.

Note: A strict limit of 25 copies will be available to residents in

How Much is it?

Only $27


Nothing else to buy. The Field Inspector Start Up Guide is all you'll need for your new career.


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